Savage Dresden

2.23 Of Elves and Goblins

In which all they need is love…and a peace treaty

The team is pulled into a soap opera drama unfolding between two houses of the Nevernever. They bear witness to and are called to intervene in a Shakespearean story, but whether it’s a tragedy or comedy depends entirely upon them.

This session picks up later in the day following the previous session. The PCs have rested for a few hours. Braun awakens from his rest maddened by the vampiric lust for blood. If he feeds on a living being, the curse will be complete and he will become a vampire of the Black Court. Claire sedates him for now, while they try to find a cure, which they all know doesn’t exist.

Detective Majors calls the team in to help with the ongoing murder investigation. He sends them to find Martin Capulet, Dania Lansey’s ex-boyfriend. He gives them enough info to track down the suspect at the local Barnes & Noble. Martin works as a magazine delivery man and he’ll be there most of the day. Claire, Marco, and their new friend Charles Smith head to town. They leave Selena behind to watch over Braun and administer more sedative as necessary. (They have no idea how bad this decision might’ve been.)

They find Martin at the bookstore’s magazine rack. They start asking questions and as soon as Dania’s name comes up, he gets defensive. Yes they used to date, but it didn’t work out. They ended the relationship amicably, and are still friends. Yes, he is sometimes overprotective of her, but no he didn’t kill anyone. He tells Claire and Marco to leave Dania alone and to stay out of their business. He storms off to the stock room and the PCs follow him, trying to get him to say more. He gets angry and throws a large box of books that should be too heavy for a wiry guy like him, especially one-handed. His throw is wide. He wasn’t trying to hurt them, just acting out in anger. He flees through the back door and they let him go.

Meanwhile, out back, Charles has been searching Martin’s delivery van. He takes a strange-looking dreamcatcher that hangs from the rear view mirror and is almost caught by the infuriated delivery man. Charles spins a quick tale, apologizing for the intrusion. Martin tells him to leave before he gets hurt. So once again, Martin demonstrates that, while he seems quick to anger, he might not someone prone to violence. This leaves Marco and Claire, who were watching from the exit, wondering how to proceed. Charles Smith goes off in search of a martial arts supply store. He’s decided that he needs some ninja throwing stars.

Claire calls Detective Majors to report their encounter. Majors decides to meet up with Claire and Marco and the three of them will pay a more official visit to Martin at home around dinner time.

Arriving at the parking lot of Martin’s apartment building, the three investigators are accosted by three new faces. Ugly faces. The three newcomers are goblins and they tell the heroes that they need to leave Martin alone. He is not responsible for the murder and the mortals need to stay out of what the trolls refer to as their ‘family business.’

For once, the PCs are able to avoid a fight and keep things verbal. Further conversation reveals that the three are siblings, the eldest being the recently crowned chieftain of their tribe. And Martin is their youngest sibling, a half-mortal changeling.

As secrets are about to be revealed, a regal-looking man and Dania appear out of thin air. Marco feels the veil that was hiding them from sight drop and realizes they’ve been there the whole time, invisible. The man introduces himself as Louflier, king of the Southern Elves of the Summer Court, and Dania is his half-mortal daughter. Martin arrives at the same time, having noticed the commotion in his parking lot. With an arrogant flair found only in fey royalty, King Louflier hides them all under another veil, for privacy, and tells their story.

His people and the goblins, who are an unaligned Wyldfae tribe, have been enemies for centuries, and frequently at war with one another. In recent years, he and the former goblin king had grown weary of the constant wars and began talks of bringing peace to their two peoples. They knew they needed a symbolic measure of unity to get their tribes to truly buy into a peace treaty, so they devised a simple plan. As it happened, each of their youngest children were mortal changelings – half breeds. Pairing them in an arranged marriage would be the perfect symbol of tribal commitment to peace. The fact that both children were of mixed blood already would make the racial union more tolerable to their peoples. Truly, it was the perfect solution.

About a year ago, King Louflier and King Barrakl introduced themselves to their respective half-human offspring, and then introduced those two to each other. They very matter-of-factly presented the arranged marriage. Dania and Martin even tried to form a relationship, but, while they became good friends, there was no romantic spark. They just didn’t like each other that way, and with their modern human perspectives, that was absolutely necessary if they were to be wed.

The kings were not pleased, but they, with the elf’s long-term approach to life, they were willing to give it time, believing that eventually the youngsters would come to understand the importance if their union, regardless of their personal feelings.

Then, recently, the goblin king died, passing the crown to his oldest son, Kkaarl. The warriors of the tribe are pushing him to assert his leadership by attacking the elves. Kkaarl and his siblings Lish and Bruck, want to see their father’s dream of peace come to light so that they may lead their people on to greater things. So they’ve been pressuring Martin to resume relations with Dania. Meanwhile, King Leuflier has been similarly pressuring Dania. He also sent an elven spy to keep her from seeing other people. And that leads us back to the murder.

The spy went to tell the waiter to stop seeing Dania. They scuffled and it ended with the waiter dead. With that confession, detective Majors demands that the killer be brought to justice. Lauflier asserts that it’s not an affair for mortal law.

Marco jumps in and points out that killing a mortal is a serious breach of the Unseelie Accords, which will carry a much worse penalty than any normal mortal court. He suggests that the elven king pay restitution to the human’s family and that the White Council will intervene to work out the details. Majors isn’t happy about this solution, but he doesn’t really see any way around it. They really couldn’t arrest a being that isn’t supposed to exist.

Marco and Claire continue playing problem solvers and convince the tribal leaders that Martin and Dania can still be the symbols of tribal unity without being betrothed. It takes a while to sell this idea, but in the end, all parties see it as a good starting point. The evening ends with a peace plan in place.



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