Savage Dresden

2.28 Showdown

In which Selena returns again, Braun is tempted, and vampirates!

Picking up right after the previous adventure, Claire, Marco, Charles, and Zek the shapeshifting fairy messenger, are racing home because Claire has just learned that Pip is in trouble. But as they near home, they’re stopped by their traitorous friend, Selena, who tells them that Budek has mesmerized Albert Braun and lured him to the vampire’s lair. Claire can only help save one of the people she’s sworn to protect.

Scene 1: Reunion
  • PCs are returning home so they can travel to the Nevernever to rescue Pip, who is being held by fairies.
  • Encounter Selena Kyle en route. She apologizes for her betrayal, explaining that she was under vampiric charm. Also, Budek has charmed Braun and summoned him to his doom. PCs must save him.
  • Claire, Charles, and Zek the doppel go to save Pip; Marco and Selena go to rescue Braun.
Scene 2: Fairy Court
  • Pip is being tried by pixie tribunal. Someone claims that she is cursed and tainted with evil, and must be destroyed.
  • Claire arrives in time to defend her. Says it’s not a magic curse, rather a mortal infection, which can be cured.
  • Tribunal grants Claire time to find cure. Until then, Pip is in exile and will be slain if not cured and purified within a year and a day.
  • Later, Pip reveals that the purification ritual must be performed on the night of the Vernal Equinox…only five months away. Fairies and tricky.
Scene 3: Moonlight Showdown
  • Selena takes Marco to Budek’s lair, an old prison undergoing renovation into high-price condominiums. They find Alex Megar and Braun atop a nearby hill, under the light of the full moon.
  • Megar is trying to compel Braun to hand over the Bloodstone. Somehow, Braun is resisting.
  • Also in attendance are Marco’s old pirate enemies who are now vampires – vampirates!
  • Marco and Selena attack. Marco takes on both vampirates and holds his own. Selena tries to intercede between Megar and Braun. Escalates to a magical battle.
  • Thanks to the magic of time dilation, Claire and Charles arrive. As they get involved, a large wolf-like monster joins the fray to hold them back – Budek!
  • Harsh battle. Charles gets torn apart by the wolf. Marco is wounded by the vampires, but destroys one of them. Raul, the smarter of the two, flees. Braun is able to break free from Megar’s mental domination.
  • The Bloodstone goes flying through the air. Pip grabs it from the weeds and hides in a tree.
  • The wolf is slain by the combined might of Claire and Marco. The beast transforms back into Budek’s normal nosferatu form.
  • Megar refuses to let himself be taken out by these people. One of the PCs is about to kill him, so he defends himself with the wizard’s final strike – his death curse! He uses it to release every iota of his power in a giant fireball. He is destroyed by the blast and most of the others are heavily wounded. Budek’s body is incinerated.
  • Claire heals as many of their injuries as she can, but there’s only so much she can do. They’ll all be nursing some injuries for a while.
  • Budek and Megar are dead, and now it’s not certain who was the actual master and who the servant.

Read the full-length version of this session here: Showdown



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