Albert Braun

Wealthy retired occultist and patron of the PCs


Retired occultist
Filthy rich
Unstable health
New — Half-vampire of the Black Court


Albert Braun is the PCs patron. He comes from a wealthy industrialist family and spent most of his youth as an adventurer and monster hunter. Now he’s retired from that life and spends most of his time managing his business endeavors. He recruited the PCs to do the monster hunting for him.

When Claire showed up on his back doorstep a year ago, he soon realized something was different about her. He helped her adjust to her time-displacement and hired her on as his personal physician, which turned out to be a good thing. Not long after that, he had a run in with a giant, demonic scorpion from the Nevernever which left him poisoned and debilitated.

His health fluctuates dramatically, and only Claire’s regular attention and fairy-induced healing powers keeps him going.

Recently (2.22), Braun was envenomed by Jebidiah Nelson. Now he thirsts for blood to finish his transformation into a denizen of the Black Court. Fighting off that urge just might drive him mad.

Albert Braun

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