Saris Andrasko Budek

Ancient Lord of the Black Court

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d10 Shooting d10 Lord of the Black Court
Smarts d4 Fighting d8 Recently resurrected
Spirit d8 Guts d8 Cult following
Strength d10 Intimidatation d8 Evil incarnate
Vigor d8 Notice d8
Stealth d8
Pace 6 Survival d4
Parry 6 Throwing d6
Toughness 8
Charisma -2
Special Abilities

Change Form: As an action, a vampire can change into a wolf or bat with a Smarts roll at –2. Changing back into humanoid form requires a Smarts roll.
Claws: Str +d4.
Improved Frenzy: Vampires may make two attacks per round without penalty.
Invulnerability: Vampires can only be harmed by their Weaknesses. They may be Shaken by other attacks, but never wounded.
Level Headed: Vampires act on the best of two cards.
Sire: Anyone slain by a vampire has a 50% chance of rising as a vampire themselves in 1d4 days.
Undead: +2 Toughness; +2 to recover from being Shaken; called shots do no extra damage (except to the heart—see below). No wound penalties.
Weakness (Sunlight): Vampires catch fire if any part of their skin is exposed to direct sunlight. After that they suffer 2d10 damage per round until they are dust. Armor does not protect.
Weakness (Holy Symbol): A character may keep a vampire at bay by displaying a holy symbol. A vampire who wants to directly attack the victim must beat him in an opposed test of Spirit.
Weakness (Holy Water): A vampire sprinkled with holy water is Fatigued. If immersed, he combusts as if it were direct sunlight (see above).
Weakness (Invitation Only): Vampires cannot enter a private dwelling without being invited. They may enter public domains as they please.
Weakness (Decapitation): One of the only three ways to destroy a Black Court Lord.
Weakness (Stake Through the Heart): A vampire hit with a called shot to the heart (–4) must make a Vigor roll versus the damage total. If successful, it takes damage normally. If it fails, it disintegrates to dust.


Saris Andrasko Budek ruled the Black Court of eastern Europe hundreds of years ago. He was eventually destroyed by an upstart back-biter named Vlad Dracul, who then took his place as ruling lord. Dracul himself was destroyed in the years preceding the great scourge that occurred following the publication of Bram Stoker’s famous novel.

Now that he has returned to the unlife, Budek intends to create a new army of vampires and carve out a new niche for himself in this very strange modern world.

At least, that’s what the PCs were led to believe. In truth, when they disrupted Alex Megar‘s resurrection ceremony, they also disrupted the resurrection. Budek’s return to life was marred. The PCs soon learned from Selena, when she first returned to the scene, that Budek was not at full power. He could create vampires, but those sired were weak (for vampires) and sterile – they could not sire other vampires. But Budek was weaker than even Selena was allowed to know.

Additionally, Budek did not have any of his higher-order powers. No mind control or hypnotic stare. He couldn’t summon animals to do his bidding. He was able to shapeshift into a wolf-like animal, but like his normal form, it looked monstrous.

And in truth, given Budek’s weak state, he quickly became a puppet of Megar’s formidable personality. From behind the scenes, it was Megar who led the Black Court’s power base in this area.

Saris Andrasko Budek

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