Winston Chalmers

Mad scientist and professor of historical anthropology

Rank: Seasoned
Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility 6 Fighting 4(8) I can do it with Science!
Smarts 10 Shooting 6 Takes his science with an extra spoonful of Mad
Spirit 8 Guts 8 No one else understands the big picture like I do
Strength 4(6) Notice 8 Historical anthropologist
Vigor 6 Knowledge (Anthropology & Mythology) 8 Claire must suffer!
Mad Science 8
Pace 6 Intimidation 8+2
Parry 4(6)
Toughness 5(6)
Charisma 0

Arrogant (major)
Delusion (minor; Science is the only morality)
Vengeful (major, seeks revenge against Claire)


AB – Mad Science
New Power
Strong Willed (Test of Wills & Intimidation +2)


Mad science gadgets (10 pp):

  1. Needle Gun – paralysis darts (hit = Vigor roll or be paralyzed 2d6 rnds).
  2. Injector – Small hypo device, like an Epi-pen, used to inject himself or others with one of his serums; uses Mad Science skill.
    1. Hyde Formula: +1 level to Str, +2 levels to Fighting, +1 to Toughness (3 pp).
    2. Invisibility Serum: Success = -4 to be Noticed or to be hit; Raise = -6 to both; 3 rnds (5 pp).
Weapon Range ROF Damage Notes
Needle Gun 10/20/30 1 paralysis

Other items


Winston Chalmers ran afoul of the PCs when they discovered he was experimenting on fairies and other creatures from the Nevernever. He was in the employ of Gerard Myramond, a Red Court Vampire, who hired Chalmers to find a cure for his weakness to sunlight.

Chalmers led the PCs to the vampire’s lair, hoping they would be killed. During the battle, he paralyzed Jack Strap and attempted to flee. Claire was faster. She caught up with him and sliced his throat. She doesn’t allow the torture of fairies to go unpunished.

Later, the PCs learned that he was still alive, sort of, but was even more thoroughly mad. He had created the vampixies as part of his personal vendetta against Claire. He wanted to torture the fairy creatures that she fought so hard to protect and eventually torture and kill her, too.

After their next meeting, the PCs made sure he wouldn’t return by destroying all of his research, decapitating and burning his body and head.

Winston Chalmers

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