Dania & Martin

A pair of Changelings who wanted to avoid their destiny


Dania and Martin were chosen to fulfill a peace treaty between their respective tribes. The elves of the Summer Court and the WildFae goblins have been bitter enemies for ages. The elven king Louflier and the goblin king devised a plan to end the violence between their tribes. The final point of the treaty would be a marriage between their youngest children, both of whom happened to be human changelings. The marriage would solidify the pact and be a symbol for both tribes. The only problem is, the children decided that they just weren’t into each other that way. They dated for a while and became fast friends, but the romantic spark just wasn’t there.

Dania Lansey

  • Changeling of Elven lineage
  • Daughter of the king
  • “I won’t marry Martin!”

Dania is slip of a young woman who just wants to live a little. A few years ago, she found out that her father is the king of a tribe of elves loyal to the Summer Court. She’s good at just disappearing by fading into the background until no one is looking. She’s also a persuasive young woman who can talk her way out of most situations.

  • Stealth d8
  • Persuasion (deceit) d8
  • Invisibility d6

Martin Capulet

  • Changeling of Goblin lineage
  • Youngest brother of the new king
  • “I’ll do anything I can to protect Dania.”

Martin is a strong young man with anger issues. His quick temper triggers a strength boost as his goblin heritage flares up. While he knows that he Dania aren’t good as a couple, they are close friends and he’ll do anything he can to help or protect her.

  • Fighting d8
  • Strength d6
  • Strength Boost d6 (Success = 1 step increase; Raise = 2 steps [d10] and also +1 Toughness)

Dania & Martin

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