Earline Hurst

Local medical examiner whose work life is sometimes too interesting


Plucky medical examiner
Shameless flirt


Earline Hurst is a strong and skilled physician. She’s been the city’s chief medical examiner for a few years. Lately, she’s had to face a dramatic increase in strange causes of death. At first she aprpeciated the break from monotony. Especially when a Todd Franklin entered the scene. She was immediately attracted to him and began flirting right away.

Lately, she has had to deal with corpses disappearing from the morgue. First was the body of local anthropology professor, Winston Chalmers. A few days later, a man who had been shot in the head disappeared. Most recently she faced the loss of six bodies in one night. Unlike the first two, these were all returned later the next day, in much worse shape than when they left.


Earline Hurst showed up in the group’s first adventure. They were investigating a series of mysterious deaths. As the body count rose throughout the game, she quickly became a recurring character.

Earline Hurst

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