Eddie Fenner

Redneck Warden of the White Council

Rank: Veteran

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d8 Fight d8 (Ag) Warden of the White Council
Smarts d8 Spellcasting d10 (Sm) Southern Boy
Strength d8 Guts d10 (Sp) Likes Claire
Spirit d810 Notice d8 (Sm) Arrogant smart ass
Vigor d8 Persuasion d10 (Sp) Show up Jack, especially in front of Claire
Knowledge (Occult) d8 (Sm) Studly good looks
Charisma 2 Taunt d8 (Sm)
Pace 6 Shooting d8 (Ag)
Parry 6
Toughness 6

Arrogant – always seeks out the master in a battle, ignoring minions unless they get in the way


Attractive – Charisma +2
Arcane Background (Magic)
Power Points (15)
New Power


Grey cloak of office (resistant to damage, unstained by blood)

Weapon Range ROF Damage Notes
Sword Str +d68 Magic weapon
S&W (.357) 12/24/48 1 2d6 +1 AP 1, revolver
Spells Cost Range Damage/Effect Duration Trapping
Lightning Bolt 1-6 12/24/48 2d6 or 3d6 Instant drumstick wand
Armor 2 Touch Succ= 2 pts, Rs= 4pts 3 (1/rnd) shimmering aura of Confederate flag
Flame Burst 2 Flame template 2d10 Instant arcs of flame from his drumstick
Obscure 2 Smarts Large burst 3 (1/rnd) black fog from his belt buckle
Telekinetic Weapon 4 Smarts 1d10 3 (1/rnd) glowing force weapon, usually flaming sword, uses an miniature steel sword as focus

*Flame Burst: Opponents make Agility roll vs his spellcasting roll to avoid the blaze. Victims have 1 in 6 chance of catching fire and taking another d10 in damage (pg 104).
*Obscure: Attacks into, out of, or through the area suffer -6.

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Eddie Fenner

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