Ella Shuler

Distracted theoretical physicist


Dr. Ella Shuler is a die-hard scientist. Her research is the most important thing in her life. She is at first mousy but quickly excitable, especially on the topic of theoretical physics.

Theoretical physicist
I want to pierce the Veil
Innocently naive

Smarts d8
Knowledge (theoretical physics) d10
Occult Lore d4


She came on the scene when she was close to perfecting her UV ray device. She created it in order to pierce the veil between parallel worlds and illuminate extradimensional space, hoping to see into other dimensions. What it actually does is allow her to see into sections of the Nevernever.

The White Council became aware of it, and quickly dispatched Jack to bring her into the fold. They wanted to watch over her and prevent her from opening a dimensional rift and also to protect her and her research from those who would use precisely for creating a rift. They also think that they might be able to weaponize the device to help combat creatures from the Nevernever.

She was at first suspicious of the Council’s interest, but a couple of vampire attacks quickly changed her mind. The question remains of HOW the vampires learned about her.

Ella Shuler

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