Helpful satyr frequently in need of rescue

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d8 Throwing d8 (Ag) Faerie creature
Smarts d6 Guts d4 (Sp) Spookable
Spirit d6 Notice d6 (Sm) I’m a lover, not a fighter
Strength d8 Fighting d8 (Ag) Claire must be protected
Vigor d8 Persuasion (fast talk) d6 I don’t like to fight
Knowledge (Fey Lore) d6 (Sm)
Pace 8 Stealth d4 (Ag)
Parry 6 Jumping d8 (Ag)
Toughness 6 Tracking d6 (Sm)
Charisma 0

Startled Faint – when startled or scared, he faints. Must make a Guts check (TN=8) to avoid.


Head butt – +d4 damage
Gore – +d8 damage, severely injures opponent
Fleet-footed – +2 Pace, d10 running die
Charm Females – His persuasion is d8 when trying to charm or flirt with women. The target makes a Spirit check to avoid his charm, at -2 if he got a raise on his Persuasion attempt.


Other items


Friendly satyr who the PCs first met when he had been captured by one of the owners of a creepy mountaintop motel. Fuller is a nice guy who seems to be fond of watching humans go about their normal lives. And he seems to have a knack for being discovered and captured.

Recently rejoined the crew when, on their way home late one night, Claire hit him with the Land Rover. Claire used her healing powers to repair his many broken bones and internal bleeding. He seems to continually get severely injured in their company. On their very next outing, with Fuller on the team, he took a belly-full of automatic rifle fire. Once again, it was only Claire’s fairy healing powers that saved him.


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