The Hunter

Mysterious vampire hunter

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d10 Shooting d10 Expert marksman
Smarts Fighting Mysterious archer
Spirit Stealth (+1) Suffer not a vampire to live
Strength Knowledge (vampires)
Vigor Driving
Pace 6 Intimidation
Toughness (+1)
  • Vow (major) – Kill vampires
  • Cautious – Never makes rash decisions; plots things out in detail
  • Marksman – gains +2 to Shooting if he doesn’t move that round
  • Trademark weapon (bow) – +1 to Fighting or Shooting
  • Quick Draw – may draw a weapon as a free action
  • Brawny – +1 to Toughness
Weapon Range ROF Damage Notes
Recurve bow 12/24/48 1 2d6 Bypasses vampires’ invulnerabilities
Wooden stake 1 1d6 or 1d10 (called shot to the heart) Bypasses vampires’ invulnerabilities
Handgun 12/24/48 1 2d6+1 AP:1, semi-auto
Stun grenades 3/6/12 1 stun Vigor check, at -2 if he gets a raise on the attack

Other details

He tries to stay in the shadows and doesn’t want anyone to know that’s he’s there or who he is. He wears black costume made of a light Kevlar armor (+1 Toughness) and gives him +1 to Stealth.


The Hunter appeared on the scene to hunt vampires. Nothing is known about him and only a few people have even caught a glimpse of him. The police are accumulating a nice collection of his signature arrows. They are black, wooden shafts fletched with black feathers and tipped with razor-sharp heads that have been coated in silver and have crosses and the Star of David etched into the blades. These arrows are clearly made for killing vampires.

He has shown himself to the PCs on several occasions now. The first was when Albert Braun was being attacked by a group of vampires after being lured out of a fancy party. After that, the PCs mostly only heard of him from Detective Majors or Earline Fowler.

The Hunter made a personal appearance to Marco one night after the heroes were tracking a creature called the Blood Fairy. They found out that the ‘creature’ was really just a man trying to obtain blood from vagrants to feed his wife, who was a vampire. By satisfying her blood lust and keeping her sedated, he was able to keep her condition a secret, even from her. The PCs had already decided that they’d have to kill the woman, but the Hunter showed up and made their duty clear, threatening that he’d handle if they didn’t. And he wouldn’t be compassionate about it.

That wasn’t the last time the mysterious archer would make things personal…

The Hunter

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