Isaac MacDonald

Old army buddy on the run from the Law

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d8 Shooting d8 (Ag) Wanted by the Law
Smarts d4 Guts d10 (Sp) Old army buddy
Spirit d6 Notice d6 (Sm) Biker
Strength d6 Holds a grudge
Vigor d8 Tough as nails
Driving d6 (Ag)
Pace 6 Stealth d4 (Ag)
Parry 7 Fighting d8 (Ag)
Toughness 7 Intimidate d6 (Sp)
Charisma 0 Wealth d4

Wanted (Authorities)


Tough as Nails – Toughness +1
Quick Draw – May draw a weapon as a free action.

Weapon Range ROF Damage Notes
handgun 12/24/48 1 2d6+1 AP:1, semi-auto
big knife 1d6
handgun 12/24/48 1 2d6+1 AP:1, semi-auto

Other items


Isaac served with Todd Franklin in Iraq. Where Todd chose to come home after their two years was up, Isaac signed on for another two, and saw a lot of real action. Upon returning state-side, he discovered that his soldier’s mentality just did not fit the ‘real world.’ This left him on the run from the authorities rather than face prison time.

His run brought him to Charlottesville where he fell in with a local biker club, the Albemarle Choppers. On the whole, they are a casual club, mostly middle-aged men with big Harleys. But a younger group of up-and-comers are pushing the club’s boundaries into more risky endeavors.

It was only a matter of time before Isaac and Todd were reaquainted. It happened one night when Todd and Claire were investigating the disappearance of local children from a city park, and the bikers were suspected. The gang was innocent — the culprit was a water spirit looking for playmates.

Isaac has helped the PCs on several missions, happily bringing his army skills out of the closet. During their most recent escapade, Isaac was shot several times and only survived with the help of Claire’s healing powers. It’s doubtful that he’ll stay out of commission for long.

Isaac MacDonald

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