Maggie Kerson

Bounty hunter

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d8 Fighting d8 Savvy investigator
Smarts d8 Shooting d8 Wizard of the White Council
Spirit d10 Spellcraft d10 Cute magic
Strength d6 Notice d8 Professional bounty hunter
Vigor d6 Investigation d8 Men underestimate her
Know (Occult) d8 Overconfident
Pace 6 Guts d10
Parry 6+1 Streetwise d8
Toughness 5 Taunt d8
Charisma 0 Throw d8

All thumbs


Acrobatic (+2 to Agility tricks; +1 Parry)
Arcane Background (Magic)
Power Points (Magic)
Arcane Background (Item Creation)
New Power (Potions & amulets)

Gear & Powers:
Weapon Range ROF Damage Notes
.22 handgun 10/20/40 1 2d6-1 semi-auto
Spells Cost Range Damage/Effect Duration Trapping
Tracking (Detect) 2 Sight 3 (1/rnd) Butterfly guides her
Disguise (Conceal) 2 Sight Illusion 1 hour (1/hr) Detect arcana to see through
Concussive bolt 1-6 12/24/48 2d6 or 3d6 Inst. Rainbow arcs
Magic items 10 pp each
Quickness 4 Touch 2 actions/rnd; redraw < 8 3 (2/rnd) Silver ring w/lightning bolt
Stun bomb x2 2 12/24; med burst Victims: vigor roll or be shaken Inst. Gumball, explodes in a cloud of butterflies
Flashbomb x3 1 16 Spellcasting trick Inst. Gumballs

*Other gear: *
Ankh pendant (her magical focus)
Official ID – bounty hunter license


Maggie Kerson

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