Gerard Myramond

Red Court Vampire with a penchant for the theatre


Gerard Myramond loves two things: being a beautiful vampire and performing on stage. Especially in Shakespearean productions. One thing he doesn’t like is the vampire’s vulnerability to sunlight. So he hired himself a promising mad scientist to help find a cure.

When the PCs started interfering with the mad scientist, he sent his vampiric minions to deal with them. And of course that led to the death of his minions, capture of his mad scientist, and the fire-bombing of his hideout (an abandoned sanitarium). It was just too much for an actor to withstand. Rather than take on the PCs single-handed, he fled from the one place he had been able to call home for so many years.

His current whereabouts are unknown, but one thing is for certain: He will return for another curtain call.

Gerard Myramond

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