Pixie scout and companion of Claire

Rank: Seasoned

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d6 (d8) Notice d8 (Sm) Shiny
Smarts d8 (d4) Guts d6 (Sp) Loyal to Claire
Spirit d6 Tracking d6 (Sm) Vampixie nature
Strength d4 (d6) Stealth d6 (Ag) Shunned by the Fey
Vigor d6 Fighting d4/d6 (Ag)
Streetwise d4 (Sm)
Pace 6 (flying)
Parry 6
Toughness 3
Charisma 0
  • Small size – Relative to humans, she is a tiny creature (12" tall). Toughness-2 and Parry+2
  • Loyal (minor) – will protect Claire and follow her every command
  • Outsider – The taint of the vampixie’s curse leaves Pip shunned by her own kind. She stinks of evil and her Charisma is -2 among fey-folk.
  • Flight – Her normal form of movement is fast and zippy, resulting in a Pace of 6, with a Running speed of d8.
  • Pixie powers – she’s a pixie
  • Curse of the Vampixie – Pip is cursed by the effects of the Winston Chalmers’ vampixie formula. When angered or she suffers a wound (including Shaken from physical attack), Pip must make a Smarts check or “vamp out”. She can voluntarily fail this check. When under the effects of the curse:

    *Parry is -2, but she gets +2 to all Fighting and Strength rolls.
    *She ignores wound penalties but cannot use any skills or maneuvers that require concentration.
    *She can end the rage by spending a round making a Smarts role at -2. (Based on the Berserk edge)
    *Strength, Agility, and Fighting increase, but Smarts drops to d4.
    *She gains the Giant Killer edge: +1d6 damage to human-size or larger foes.

Pixie Powers Cost Range Damage/Effect Duration Trapping
Invisibility 4 Self Foes are -4 to notice and -4 to hit 3 rnds +1/rnd She only has to use the power if she’s already entered the scene
Light 1 Self Illuminates an area equal to a Lg Burst 10 minutes Can intensify her natural glow in any color she wants
Dazzle 2 Sm Burst Smarts trick Instant Burst of light to distract and confuse foes
Weapon Range ROF Damage Notes
scalpel sword touch 1 Str+d4


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