Raul Barrow

An unfriendly character from Marco's piratey past

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d8 Shooting d6 Vampirate
Smarts d6 Fighting d8 Don’t turn your back on me
Spirit d8 Intimidate d8 Pirate scum
Strength d10 Notice d6 Marco needs to die!
Vigor d10 Persuasion d4
Stealth d6
Pace 6 Guts d6
Parry 6 Streetwise d4
Toughness 9 Taunt d8
Charisma 0
  • Vow (minor) – I’m going to kill Marco
  • Bite: +2 damage
  • Claws: Str +d4
  • Undead: +2 Toughness; +2 to recover from being Shaken; Immune to poison, disease, and gas; No additional damage from called shots; half-damage damage from firearms and other piercing weapons.
  • Weakness (Holy Symbol): must beat victim in opposed Spirit check
  • Weakness (Sunlight): Vampires catch fire if any part of their skin is exposed to sunlight. After that they suffer 2d10 damage per round. Armor does not protect.
  • Weakness (Staking): Called shot to the heart (-4) = Vigor roll vs the damage. S=takes normal damage, F=paralyzed.
  • Vampire Powers: As of his last appearance, like all of Budek’s offspring, Raul’s vampire powers had not developed yet. As a Black Court vampire, he might eventually have powers of Puppet and Shapeshifting.

Raul Barrow and Donaldo “Shiv” Weembor were mates on the pirate crew with which Marco once sailed. They were never friends because Raul was threatened by Marco’s close relationship with the ship’s female captain.

Marco foiled their mission in Jamaica ([[2.18 | session 2.18]]), getting them thrown off the crew. Next, the duo showed up on his turf threatening to make his life miserable. They managed to do just that, once the vampire spies learned of the pirates’ hatred of Marco. They were quickly turned and became “vampirates”, which just means they were pirates who are now vampires.

In the climactic battle against Budek and Alex Megar, Shiv was killed by Marco. Raul, the pretty one, escaped into the night. It’s not known whether he’s plotting his revenge or moved on to less dangerous hunting grounds.

Raul Barrow

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