Selena Kyle

Cute dark sorceress and protege of the Black Court

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d8 Fighting d8 Dark sorceress
Smarts d6 Persuasion d6 Flirty & cute
Spirit d6 Streetwise d6 Black Court insider
Strength d6 Guts d8 I’ve done some things I’m not proud of
Vigor d8 Notice d6 History with Jack
Driving d4 Former TV production assistant
Pace 6 Knowledge (Occult) d6
Parry 6 Intimidate d6
Toughness 6 Spellcasting d8
Charisma +2 Wealth d6
  • All Thumbs – Magic and technology don’t mix. When using a mechanical or electronic device, a 1 on the Skill die means the device is broken.
  • Attractive – Charisma +2
  • Arcane Background – Magic (10 power points)
  • Level Headed – Acts on the best of two initiative cards
  • Soul Drain – Can draw upon her own spiritual energy to cast spells. Make a spirit roll, minus the cost of the spell. Success = cast the spell. Fail = She takes a wound from strain. 1 or less on the roll = A wound and unconscious.
Powers Cost Range Damage/Effect Duration Trapping
Bolt 1-6 12/24/48 2d6 or 3d6 Instant Black, crackling energy
Deflection 2 Personal aura -2 to be hit, +2 armor vs area attacks; +/-4 with a raise 3 She is surrounded by a cloud of black, crackling Kirby dots
Minor Telekinesis 2 12/24 can lift and move 24 lbs. (60 on a raise) 3 rnds dark tendrils of energy snake out from her bracelet to grab things
Dispel Opposed spellcasting roll to disrupt opponent’s spell Instant A dark ball of energy lashes out to intercept her opponent’s spell
  • Ring of Persuasion: +2 to social actions (Persuasion, Intimidation, Taunting)
  • Anti-magic iPhone case: protects her iPhone from the ill effects of magic
  • Charm bracelet: she uses charms from her bracelet as focus items for her spells

Other items


Quote: “No, not THAT Selena Kyle!”

Selena entered the story as a production assitant at the local TV news station, where Jack Magus worked as the weatherman. She’s cute, spunky, and had a thing for Jack. She was a member of the Circle of Thoth and is a believer in all things paranormal. During the group’s first adventure, she found out that Jack is a mage. Since then, she tried to get him to teach her about magic. Jack determined that she does have the ability and potential to learn it.

An evil cult tried to use her as a sacrifice to resurrect an ancient Black Court vampire. She was rescued by the PCs in the middle of the ritual. The ritual worked, confirming her magical nature. She tried again to get Jack to teach her magic, but he refused because he didn’t want her to be burdened with the responsibility, and because he wasn’t entirely sure she would use it wisely. He didn’t want to see her on the receiving end of a Warden’s blade. Later, she tried to get Marco to teach her, but he was too new to it himself. She left town in search of Jack or any other way to the arcane.

She came back to town and eventually crossed paths with the heroes. She confessed to “infiltrating” the Black Court in order to keep an eye on them. But her time with the vampires has left her…changed. Eventually, she revealed herself to be a full-powered sorceress, seemingly aligned with the Black Court. Apparently she learned a few things during her time spent with Budek and Megar.

Later, Selena appealed to the heroes to forgive her betrayal. Her story is that in order for Megar to teach her to use magic, she had to swear an allegience to Budek on her power itself! For a wizard, this is never taken lightly, because to break such an oath would mean the loss of one’s magic. But she had no choice in the matter, but was able to alter the deal to be the promise of a single favor to Budek or Megar at any time in the future. And that favor, of course, was called in during the Black Court assault on Braun’s home.

After pleading her case with Marco and Claire, she joined them in rescuing Braun from Budek himself and also helped destroy the ancient vampire and Alex Megar too. Her relations with the heroes remains tenuous.

Selena Kyle

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