Todd Franklin

Professional chauffeur and bodyguard who has eyes only for his MP5 and his boss's luxury cars.

Rank: Seasoned

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d10 Fighting d10 Need For Speed
Smarts d6 Shooting d10 Best defense is a good offense
Spirit d4 Throwing d8 Cover is always a step away
Strength d6 Guts d4 Never leave a friend behind
Vigor d10 Wealth d8 When in doubt, empty the mag
Driving d4+2 Timing is everything
Pace 6 Boating d4+2 Uncle Sam trained me good
Parry 7 Piloting d4+2
Toughness 8 Swimming d4
Charisma +0 Riding d4

Loyal (Minor)
Cautious (Minor)
Code of Honor (Major)
Black Court (Phobia) -2 to Trait Tests


Ace – Gain +2 to Driving, Boating, and Piloting checks.
Brawny – Add +1 to Toughness and increase Weight Limit to 8X Str.
Steady Hands – Ignore Penalties for Throw/Shoot when under motion or on unsteady surface.
Rock & Roll – Ignore Auto-Fire Penalties.
Marksman – Gain +2 to Shooting checks when not moving.

Weapon Range ROF Damage Notes
MP5 12/24/48 3 2d6 AP:1, auto
Glock 12/24/48 1 2d6 AP:1, semi-auto
Colt 1911 12/24/48 1 2d6+1 AP:1, semi-auto
Combat Knife Close 1 Str+d4
Other items:

Cell Phone, Rugged Clothing, Hiking Boots.


Todd Franklin was raised somewhere in the midwest where he had a normal childhood filled with sports, fast cars, and even faster girls (never could catch one damnit). After the 9-11 terrorist attack, Todd dropped all plans and joined the Army. He excelled in his training and the Army made him a special operator giving him extra training in weapons (thrown, wielded, and aimed), vehicles (including airplanes & boats), water survival, and even riding animals (for posting to remote Iraq). Todd became very proficient at these skills and even became good at using the weapons while in motion!! While deployed to Iraq, Todd made a good friend in Isaac MacDonald and Todd was sad to leave him in Iraq when his tour was up but Todd decided that it was time to join the private sector after 1 tour. While exercising his skills as a bodyguard, Todd came to the attention of Albert Braun in Charlottesville, VA and Albert made Todd an ‘offer he couldn’t refuse’ and Todd has been Albert’s driver/bodyguard/handyman ever since.

Todd Franklin

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