Jewel of Solerno

Magic heirloom of the Solerno family


This magic pendant was created by Asanath Solerno, Marco’s great-grandmother, who was also a wizard. When worn by a magic-wielding member of her bloodline, the pendant conveys the following benefits:

  • The pendant serves as an arcane focus for spellcasting, if needed.
  • Wearer gains the Wizard edge – their understanding of magic is more keen and the pendant acts as a conduit for magic, letting it flow through the wearer more easily. Each raise on a spellcasting roll reduces the casting cost by 1 point.
  • Wearer gains the Soul Drain edge – When running low on power points, the wearer can tap into their own soul as an energy source to power their spells. (Make a Spirit roll, minus the number of points needed to power the spell. Success = you get the points. Failure = a wound, no points. Rolling a 1 or less = a wound and unconscious for 1d6 hours.)

Jewel of Solerno

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