Savage Dresden

2.18 Caribbean Cruise
In which heroes have an eventful vacation

The White Council assigns Jack the task of transporting the theoretical physicist, Dr. Ella Shuler, to a White Council safe house and research facility where she can continue her research. The team assembles and heads for a local natural area where there happens to be a safe waypoint for traveling through the Nevernever.

2.17 In Search of the Bloodstone
In which clues are revealed and history is enflamed

The next morning is very tense in the kitchen of Braun Manor. Dr. Shuler tries to process everything she’s witnessed in the past 12 hours: two vampire attacks, fey creatures (Fuller and Pip), being hit on and very nearly enthralled by a vampire while at the dance club, lots of magic use, and now hearing that last night was a typical evening for this crazy group. Very different from her life in the research lab.

2.16 Vampires Return
In which the Black Court lurks around every corner

Over the next several sessions, the PCs learn that the Black Court is back in town and have several run-ins with them as they race against the vampires to procure an ancient vampiric artifact.

2.14 Save the Bar
In which a friend needs help that only our heroes can provide

The PCs are in town running errands when they make an early call on their favorite watering hole, the Whiskey Barrell. Upon entering, they find the dining room busted up and two servers dead. They head for the kitchen and are attacked by a thug who, once subdued, informs them that the owner, Diane Bissell, has been abducted by her crazy ex-boyfriend Eric, who also happens to be a psychomantic practioner.

2.13 Flight of the Fairy Queen
In which the team is called upon to stop a coup in the Realm of Fairy

Claire is approached by a group of pixies. The Fairy Mother is very ill and lies cursed on her death bed! Can she please come quick!

2.12 The Vampixie's Curse
In which a foe’s plots are revealed, and revenge is served…in a syringe

Claire, Marco, and Todd are having lunch at an outdoor café in downtown Charlottesville when an exhausted and scared pixie flies up and collapses on the table. He quickly tells his story: Pip and a couple of her pixie friends tracked a vampixie to the old sanitarium where the team had once fought a Red Court vampire and the mad scientist Winston Chalmers. The group of pixies were attacked by a pair of vampixies and Pip and one other pixie were captured. The third managed to escape and came to inform Claire immediately. And now the team needs to rescue their friends.

2.11 The Missing Priest
In which the party goes to church

Albert Braun calls the group into his study where he has a guest, Father Tony Bernard. Fr. Bernard aided the PCs by supplying the holy water for their balloons and water guns when they assaulted the Brotherhood of Budek’s farmhouse estate (episode 2.9). Now they have an opportunity to return the assistance.

2.10 Motel Hell
In which the party checks in…for LUNCH!

A sorceress shows up on the doorstep covered in her own blood and begs for aid. The catch: last time she was here, she beat up Claire. Now she wants help on a case…

2.9: Attack on the vampire estate
In which the heroes kick much vampire butt

The group arrives at the historic farming estate that the Brotherhood of Budek calls home, with the intent to destroy the cult once and for all. It’s the same place where Budek was resurrected in a midnight Black Mass. Todd, Isaac, and DC make their way on foot to the outbuildings and cottages to the rear of the house while Marco, Claire, and Jack drive right up to the manor house.

2.8 Interrogation
In which Todd backs out and Claire steps up

Todd brings the captured Gail Burns, newly “turned” Black Court vampire, to the Braun estate. He secures her in one of the storage buildings, trapped in a magic circle created by Marco. When he begins to interrogate her, Todd finds that he doesn’t have the stomach to torture an a woman, vampire or no.


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