Savage Dresden

2.7 History Lesson
In which touring historical sites is deadly

It is now about two weeks since the resurrection of Budek and things have been quiet. The heroes set out to see what the cult has been up to.

2.6 Zombies!
In which missing wrestlers return for a grudge match and Claire receives a gift

The morning following the resurrection ceremony, the heroes and their patron Albert Braun spend some time debriefing Selena Kyle. They find out that she was a willing participant in the ceremony, in exchange for promised power. The cult leader, Alex Megar, promised to teach her his Dark Arts and possibly allow her to become a vampire if she continued to prove her loyalty.

2.5 Resurrection Day
In which the stolen ashes are found and Todd shoots Marco

The PCs, once again via Claire’s pixie network, trace the stolen vampire ashes to a country estate in neighboring Orange County. The pixies report that Wade Krensky is there, along with a handful of other people. The heroes arrive late that night, hoping to catch a handful of cultists by surprise and retrieve the ashes.

2.4 Research
In which the heroes look for clues and become frightened

This session was mostly centered on fact finding. They uncover clues about the mysterious cult, more info on Winston Chalmers, and narrowly avoid police apprehension.

2.3 Along came a Spaniard
In which bullets fly and friendly characters nearly die

Thanks to Claire’s fairy network, the stolen ashes are traced to an abandoned warehouse downtown. The thief from the dinner party is meeting his contact at the warehouse to exchange the ashes for his payment. The PCs set up a sting, only to discover the cultists got there first.

2.2 Dinner Party
In which security is breached, but the party continues anyway.

Albert Braun, the group’s patron is hosting a dinner party as a fundraiser to support the Green movement in downtown business endeavors. While the party is a success, not everything goes according to plan.

2.1 Gone fishing
In which Todd hits things and Claire can’t keep her clothes dry.

The new season started with an interesting turn of events. Detective Majors pays a visit to Todd, requesting his help on a case. A group of children dissappeared from a city park the day before, and so far there was not trace of them. The entire police department had been mobilized to search, and Majors, having no other leads, decided to bring in some extra help.

Season 1 Recap
In which our heroes face many perils

Last year started off strong with fairly regular game play, then we hit the mid-season slump and didn’t play very often. The last game session was in August. I’m happy to report that our game got renewed for a second season, with hopefully more episodes to see actual play.


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