Savage Dresden

2.28 Showdown
In which Selena returns again, Braun is tempted, and vampirates!

Picking up right after the previous adventure, Claire, Marco, Charles, and Zek the shapeshifting fairy messenger, are racing home because Claire has just learned that Pip is in trouble. But as they near home, they’re stopped by their traitorous friend, Selena, who tells them that Budek has mesmerized Albert Braun and lured him to the vampire’s lair. Claire can only help save one of the people she’s sworn to protect.

2.27 Ghostbusting with Grandpa
In which the heroes visit a haunted house in search of family treasure

Marco’s grandfather, Cranston, invites the group to Fredericksburg for an overnight occult investigation. While searching the old family home, they encounter more than one threat and discover the truth behind the Solerno family fortune.

2.26 Masks of the Denarians
In which the heroes take on a coven of dudes, and Braun acts out of character
Thugs, investigation, and a taste of cosmic horror

Local wine merchant, George Flannery, approaches Claire and Marco with a strange bottle of wine. He received a case of exotic wine by mistake. Problem is that the bottles contain a small octopoid creature. The PCs accompany him back to his store to examine the wine and are ambushed by two thugs who are looking for the wine. After subduing the thugs and calling the police, Marco and Claire investigate the wine shipment.

2.25 Hiking Trip
In which the heroes experience all that the trail has to offer

Responding to a friend’s plea for help, the crew is sent into the wilds of wonderful West Virginia in search of a couple of missing hikers. What they find, naturally, is a far more serious situation wrapped up in an ancient curse. The hikers discovered an eerie fog cloud settled over part of the forest. Upon investigating they are attacked by a group of locals from a nearby farming village.

The PCs discover that anyone who enters the fog is captured and ceremonially killed in order to free them from a demonic curse. One of the hikers has already fallen prey to this curse and the other is next on the list. The heroes have no choice but to face off against the centuries-old demon and save the day. They succeed and return home with the surviving hiker and a couple of trophies for Marco’s collection.

2.24 Besieged by Vampires
In which the heroes seek a cure and a traitor is revealed

During Braun’s lucid moments, he and Claire discuss how they’re going to handle his condition. He has a strong will, but the blood lust grows stronger and it’s only a matter of time before he gives in to the curse. And yet, they possess the one artifact in the world known to pacify vampires: the Blood Stone.

2.23 Of Elves and Goblins
In which all they need is love…and a peace treaty

The team is pulled into a soap opera drama unfolding between two houses of the Nevernever. They bear witness to and are called to intervene in a Shakespearean story, but whether it’s a tragedy or comedy depends entirely upon them.

2.22 Hostage Negotiation
In which the heroes rescue their boss and kill another vampire boss

Marco and Claire arrived at an upscale dinner party to find that Albert Braun, their patron, had been abducted by agents of the Black Court. They left a battered Selena Kyle to deliver their ransom message: the duo had until dawn to deliver the Bloodstone to the Black Court or Albert Braun would die.

2.21 Two-fisted Tales
In which a body leads to the babysitter

In an attempt to freshen up the action, I try my hand at telling two stories at one time, weaving back and forth between them over the next several game sessions.

2.20 Spiders and Snakes
In which the heroes make a friend and Marco is tempted

Fairies report giant spiders in the forest. Intro Charles Bob Smith, deer hunter. Claire and Marco are both faced with moral dilemmas.

2.19 Romancing the Bloodstone
In which a fancy dinner party turns into deadly dinner theater

The PCs are at a high-class fund raiser at historical Monticello, sponsored by their patron, Albert Braun. The fund raiser is a distraction to allow the PCs to locate and retrieve the Bloodstone from a secret room in the top floor of Monticello.


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