Savage Dresden

2.24 Besieged by Vampires
In which the heroes seek a cure and a traitor is revealed

During Braun’s lucid moments, he and Claire discuss how they’re going to handle his condition. He has a strong will, but the blood lust grows stronger and it’s only a matter of time before he gives in to the curse. And yet, they possess the one artifact in the world known to pacify vampires: the Blood Stone.

2.23 Of Elves and Goblins
In which all they need is love…and a peace treaty

The team is pulled into a soap opera drama unfolding between two houses of the Nevernever. They bear witness to and are called to intervene in a Shakespearean story, but whether it’s a tragedy or comedy depends entirely upon them.

2.22 Hostage Negotiation
In which the heroes rescue their boss and kill another vampire boss

Marco and Claire arrived at an upscale dinner party to find that Albert Braun, their patron, had been abducted by agents of the Black Court. They left a battered Selena Kyle to deliver their ransom message: the duo had until dawn to deliver the Bloodstone to the Black Court or Albert Braun would die.

2.21 Two-fisted Tales
In which a body leads to the babysitter

In an attempt to freshen up the action, I try my hand at telling two stories at one time, weaving back and forth between them over the next several game sessions.

2.20 Spiders and Snakes
In which the heroes make a friend and Marco is tempted

Fairies report giant spiders in the forest. Intro Charles Bob Smith, deer hunter. Claire and Marco are both faced with moral dilemmas.

2.19 Romancing the Bloodstone
In which a fancy dinner party turns into deadly dinner theater

The PCs are at a high-class fund raiser at historical Monticello, sponsored by their patron, Albert Braun. The fund raiser is a distraction to allow the PCs to locate and retrieve the Bloodstone from a secret room in the top floor of Monticello.

2.18 Caribbean Cruise
In which heroes have an eventful vacation

The White Council assigns Jack the task of transporting the theoretical physicist, Dr. Ella Shuler, to a White Council safe house and research facility where she can continue her research. The team assembles and heads for a local natural area where there happens to be a safe waypoint for traveling through the Nevernever.

2.17 In Search of the Bloodstone
In which clues are revealed and history is enflamed

The next morning is very tense in the kitchen of Braun Manor. Dr. Shuler tries to process everything she’s witnessed in the past 12 hours: two vampire attacks, fey creatures (Fuller and Pip), being hit on and very nearly enthralled by a vampire while at the dance club, lots of magic use, and now hearing that last night was a typical evening for this crazy group. Very different from her life in the research lab.

2.16 Vampires Return
In which the Black Court lurks around every corner

Over the next several sessions, the PCs learn that the Black Court is back in town and have several run-ins with them as they race against the vampires to procure an ancient vampiric artifact.

2.14 Save the Bar
In which a friend needs help that only our heroes can provide

The PCs are in town running errands when they make an early call on their favorite watering hole, the Whiskey Barrell. Upon entering, they find the dining room busted up and two servers dead. They head for the kitchen and are attacked by a thug who, once subdued, informs them that the owner, Diane Bissell, has been abducted by her crazy ex-boyfriend Eric, who also happens to be a psychomantic practioner.


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