Brotherhood of Budek

The Brotherhood of Budek is an evil cult set out to resurrect an ancient Black Court vampire named Saris Andrasko Budek, rumored to have been one of the most evil vampire lords to ever walk the earth. The Brotherhood’s public face is that of a secret society for the upwardly mobile. It serves as a social network of the almost-rich and almost-famous who want to become more of both. For the most part, that’s exactly what it is.

The club maintains an inner circle of elite members, the true brotherhood. These people know the truth, about the vampiric-nature of its intent. The leaders of the Brotherhood allow their members to believe that their vampiric lord will be the romanticized vampire like sparkly-Edward or Lestat in order to gain their support. In reality, those leaders know that Budek was a Lord of the Black Courts, the more monstrous, Nosferatu style vampire. Definitely NOT sparkly or pretty. By the time the followers learn the difference, it will be too late to matter.

The Brotherhood is led by a man named Alex Megar. He is a charismatic and intelligent leader, the sort that any respectible cult leader would emulate. He can move his followers to do nearly anything, especially give him money and allegiance.

The key to resurrecting the vampire Budek was two-fold: they had to recover his remains (which they did) and conduct a group ritual wherein the blood of a mage was spilled into the remains. The proper spell would then (and did) resurrect Budek. He promptly turned on Megar’s primary henchman and devoured him to sate his centuries-long thirst.

The current whereabouts of Megar and Budek are unknown, but their followers returned in search of a mystic artifact called the Bloodstone.

Known Members:
  • Alex Megar – cult leader
  • Wade Krensky – primary henchman, deceased
  • Alex Deedrick – corporate attorney, deceased
  • Darlene Gillis – secretary of Alex Deedrick
  • Gail Burns – VP of local historical society, turned into vampire, deceased (tortured by Claire, immolated in the morning sunlight – 2.8)
  • Marcus Solerno – seeker of knowledge, reformed
  • Selena Kyle – paranormal enthusiast, mage wannabe
  • Turlow Jackson – loser vampire punk, deceased (cleaved in twain by Marco – 2.17)
  • Suamuel Gray – full-power vampire, trusted servant of Budek, deceased (beheaded by a .45 at point blank range – 2.19)
  • Jebidiah Nelson – midget elder vampire, deceased

many unnamed normal people, Renfields, and new fledgeling vampires
(more to come)

Brotherhood of Budek

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