Circle of Thoth

The Circle of Thoth is a local group of amature occultists and paranormal investigators. They investigate local reports of hauntings, monsters, UFOs, and psychic phenomenon. For the most, they are innocent bystanders who have a habit of turning up in the wrong place at the wrong time.


  • Selena Kyle – Her connections at the TV station gets the access to fun places
  • Content Not Found: Erika-Summers – Group leader, temporary weregoblin
  • Content Not Found: Ken-Dillon – Goth boy, camera guy
  • Content Not Found: Leslie-Hewett – Goth girl, overly enthusiastic

They first entered the game when one of their members was using a cursed magical pendant as a focus for the group’s meditation exercises. It just so happened that an evil goblin priest was imprisoned in the pendant and their use of it as a focus gave him the strength to manifest in our world. He possessed the body wearer, turning her into a ‘weregoblin.’

The second major encounter with the Circle was when they were ‘ghostbusting’ a local abandoned sanitarium. It just so happened that the PCs were there trying to destroy the nest of Red Court vampires who were using the sanitarium as their hideout.

Leslie and Ken returned to the scene when they followed the PCs back to the sanitarium in pursuit of the vampixie. They were all captured and Leslie was nearly killed at the hands of a back-from-the-dead mad scientist.

Much later, Leslie showed up among the catering staff at a dinner party at Monticello. She gets fresh with Marco and video tapes a vampire attack.

Circle of Thoth

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