New Occult Society

The New Occult Society is a social organization with sights on taking the place of the White Council in North America. They consider the blue-blooded Council to be a relic of the Old World, with no understanding of the modern world, especially in a modern America, ruled by American sensibilities. To that end, they want to become the modern society in charge of all things arcane in the United States.

And they really want Marco to join in their quest, namely because he’s a real wizard, but also because his grandfather is a member of some renown. Thus far, Marco hasn’t seen anything from the group that makes him believe they are any threat to the White Council’s dominion. has a few members who are magically capable, but overall they are There are a handful of other members, some of whom are magically capable. But mostly, the Society consists of scholars of the occult and the occasional low-powered practitioner. This group is very serious in their political aspirations, but luckily for them, the White Council has yet to find out about their existence.

Known Members:

  • Cranston Solerno, an older man,grandfather of Marcus Solerno. He is an occult expert and considered one of the wisest members of the Society.
  • Samantha Tate, a young, attractive lawyer who is an attentive listener with a penchant for repeating things said to her.
  • Edgar Vaughn, a greying, middle-aged philosophy professor who has become a bit cynical in his widowed years.
  • Bethany Fox, a wealthy housewife of an investment banker who likes her vodka a little too much.

New Occult Society

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