Savage Dresden is an urban fantasy game set in the world of Harry Dresden but more locally in the Charlottesville, VA area. The current campaign could be titled “Against the Black Court” or “How I learned to relax and love the Darkness.” I’m using the story structure of TV seasons to encapsulate each campaign, and we are currently in our second season. The first season was “Urban fantasy 101” and featured a little bit of everything, but the end-of-season climax was all about mad science and paranormal investigation. It’s fully recapped in our first Adventure Log. From there, you can move forward to our more recent stories.

When I began this game, I planned to pull whole-cloth (factions and groups, character types, and magic styles) from the Dresden Files. But naturally, as the game has grown, I’ve forgotten about those things and focused on our own setting and stories. Hopefully, I’ll be able to channel more of Butcher’s detective-noir stylings as well. Wish me luck. The game also draws inspiration from the Savage Worlds setting of Rippers, a Victorian Era horror/fantasy setting. Namely, the mad science of Ripper Tech, and more faction ideas.

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Savage Dresden

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