Time-displaced physician and fairy-friend

Rank: Veteran

Attributes Skills Aspects
Agility d8 Psionics d8 (Sm) Fairy friend
Smarts d6 Guts d6 (Sp) Loyal to Albert Braun
Spirit d8 Notice d6 (Sm) Hippocratic oath
Strength d6 Intimidate d6 (Sp) Fiesty
Vigor d8 Knowledge (Medicine) d6 (Sm) Holds a grudge
Driving d4 (Ag) Not a saint
Pace 6 Stealth d4 (Ag) Doesn’t suffer fools
Parry 7 Fighting d8 (Ag) The Fairy Mother owes me a favor
Toughness 6 Persuasion d6 (Sp)
Charisma +2 Wealth d6
  • Vow (minor) – Hippocratic Oath
  • Loyal (minor) – will protect Albert Braun and fairie creatures
  • Vengeful (major) – Claire doesn’t suffer fools and will exact vengence on those who cross her or her friends, especially the fey-folk.
  • Fairy friend – The fey-folk have an affinity for Claire and are automatically friendly toward her. She has also attracted a companion, Pip (this is the Beast Master edge, rewritten for this setting).
  • Danger Sense – Claire’s “fairy senses” are sharp and she often instinctively knows when danger is about to strike. Notice-2 to overcome surprise attack, placing her on Hold for the first round of combat, or in general, making her aware of the impending danger.
  • Charismatic – Claire is able to work with and influence others. (+2 to Charisma)
  • Beast Bond – Claire and Pip have a strong bond. She can spend her bennies on actions taken by Pip.
  • Arcane Background (Psionics) – Due to a mix of her own intuitive nature and her time spent in the realm of Fairie, Claire has developed several strange and decidely fey-like powers. While the powers themselves suggest influence of Summer, her own disposition often suggest the hand of Winter. 10 power points, 3 powers. Brainburn (Rolling a 1 on her Psionics die means she is Shaken. A critical failure means that all allies in a Large Burst are also Shaken unless they make a Spirit roll. This can cause a wound.)
  • Acrobat – Claire has studied acrobatics and getting out of the way very fast. She is +1 to Parry, and +2 on Agility rolls for acrobatics (including Agility Tricks).
  • Two-fisted – Along with her acrobat skills, Claire has learned how to fight with a weapon in each hand. She rolls each attack separately but ignores the multi-action penalty. However, the off-hand attack is still at -2.
Fairy Powers Cost Range Damage/Effect Duration Trapping
Healing 3 Touch Removes a wound on Success, 2 with a raise Instant Laying on of hands, the wound and her hands glow with white light
Detect Aura 2 Sight Detects a person’s nature, whether good or ill 3 An extension of her fairy senses, by focusing on a person she can discern their intent toward her and her allies
??? 2 ??? ??? ??? undefined at this time
Weapon Range ROF Damage Notes
scalpels touch 1 Str+d4
taser touch 1 Stun see below
pepper spray 3/-/- 1 Shaken This is an Agility Trick at +2

Taser – Requires only a touch attack (+2 to hit). Victim makes a Vigor roll (at -2 if the attack hit with a raise) or is Shaken. Victim cannot attempt to recover from Shaken for 1d6 rounds. The taser can make 3 attacks per recharge.

Other items
First aid kit – equipped for both humans and fey (non-metal tools, etc.)


While hiking on Afton Mountain one weekend 200 years from now, Claire discovered a ring of stones in a small clearing. She walked into the center of the ring, sat down on the table-like stone in the center to have her lunch, then dozed off for a quick nap…

She awoke to find herself 200 years in the past. The fairy circle was on Albert Braun’s estate and he took her in while she recovered from her confusion. She realized, with Braun’s help, that she had traveled through time. Upon finding out that she was a doctor, he hired her as his private physician and used his influence to establish her with a legal identity.

After passing through the Nevernever (and time), she found herself to posses some miraculous fairy powers. The ability to heal with a touch, detect danger, read people’s auras, and an affinity with the fey-folk. Exactly how she aquired these abilities is unknown. In the time since the game began, it’s been revealed that she apparently spent some time in the realm of fairy, and might have even had some form of relationship with the Erlking, although she has no conscious memories of any of this.


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