Stun Guns

Electrically powered stun weapons

weapon (melee)

Stun guns are common modern weapons, easily available to anyone who really wants one. They come in two forms: the type that requires touch, or the type that fires metal prongs at the target. This is how we will handle them, although I’m constantly on the lookout for better rules.

Type of stun gun
  1. Touch-based stun gun: Attacker is +2 on the attack roll (normal touch attack rule). Stun gun is capable of 3 attacks per recharge.
  2. Gun-style stun gun: Range: 1/2/— (it’s a very short range weapon), and it’s only capable of a single shot. Reloading requires an action and it cannot be fired the same round.
Effect of the attack

A stun gun is an electrical stun attack. It’s a normal physical attack (at +2 if it’s a touch attack). If the attack hits, the victim makes a Vigor roll or is Shaken (at -2 if the attack hit with a raise). Victim cannot attempt to recover from Shaken for 1d6 rounds.

Agility trick

As with any other form of attack, the user has the option of using it as an Agility trick. This is done by making opposed Agility rolls. Success means target is -2 Parry until next action and Shaken on a raise. Never forget the potential of a trick to render your opponent Shaken.


Stun Guns

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